Exercising for better health
Movement is important

If you were to visit the gym, what body part would you work out? Arms? Shoulders? Legs? How about the core? In actuality many people don’t have a great understanding of which muscles make up the ‘core’. So people will do exercises that seems to be working the ‘core’ but are not. Too may people, think that the core and abs are synonymous. But in reality the abs are just one side of the core.

The core is like a box which includes abs on the front, the lower back muscles and gluteus on the back, the diaphragm on the top, and the pelvic floor and hip muscles on the bottom. These core muscles are important because they stabilise the centre of the body so that limb muscles can pull against a stable structure. when you kick a soccer ball, swing a tennis racket, or pick up a crying baby, your core should fire up before your limbs get to work.

Neglecting the core could increase your risk of injury especially when performing a powerful motion with the body. So if you being to lift before the core is strong, then you’ll  lack the strength to perform the lifts correctly and learn bad habits while compensating for the lack of strength in their core.

A question was asked “Is sit-up good for the core?” Classic sit-up and crunches is a really bad idea as it puts lots of pressure on the spine. There are other ways to strengthen the core without causing too much spinal flexion. Repetitive and too much spinal flexion can increase stress on the spinal ligaments leading to possible back pain.

Take care and love your spine (you only get one spine).

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