Ankle sprain
chiropractic management for ankle sprain

Ankle sprain is the most commonly injured body are among athletes. With Sprains dominating most diagnoses. For initial ankle sprain, individuals often report persisting limitations to the ankle joint, including pain and swelling, and recurrent sprain. Chronic ankle instability may follow after ankle sprains causing persisting limitations.

The current literature recommend exercises incorporating balance, and promote proprioception in order to limit the risk of sustaining ankle sprain. Promoting these attributes whilst incorporating sport specific movements may be helpful. Ankle sprain can have detrimental consequences to athletes. Ankle joint mobilisation and manipulation have shown to limit these outcomes.

For acute sprains, manual joint mobilisation diminished pain and increases dorsiflexion range of motion. For treatment of subacute/chronic lateral ankle sprains, these techniques improves ankle range of motion, decreased pain and improved function (Loudon et al. 2014).

Ankle mobilisation and manipulation on top of rehabilitative exercises is an effective management approach for ankle sprain and chronic ankle instability.

Ask David about how chiropractic care could improve your ankle sprain and stability.

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