Mental stress cause physical symptoms

Stress is the reality of modern day living and with little bit of it we enhance performance in different areas of life. However, too much of stress can lead to chronic stress and it’ll probably lead to a cycle of stress fits. Common areas we experience stress are in relationship and work.

So now you’ve been stressed out for a while now due to relationship break down, meeting deadlines at work, moving to another city or work, and passing of a family member. You may noticed that your stress level also gave rise to physical symptoms such as neck pain or shoulder tension or even increase in your existing lower back pain.


This diagram shows a good example on how stress can become physically visible via symptoms. When stressed our breathing pattern becomes shallower which eventually recruits our accessory breathing muscles such as scalenes, upper trapezius and levator scapulae. These muscles tire out causing fatigue and tension to build across the shoulders and neck.

Tips: Take deeper breaths. Calm down and accept that somethings can’t be changed.

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