Pain is NOT ONLY contributed by physical factors

Nutrition is important

Pain associated with movement and touching specific areas of the body are commonly referred to as mechanical in nature. However, paints never entirely mechanical. Pain is always mechanical, biochemical and psychological.

Inflammation occurs after tissue injury, and inflammation is part of the healing process; however chronic inflammation represents lack of tissue healing and promotes further problems.

Pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory mediators are released by local cells in response of tissue injury. Excess pro-inflammatory mediators prolongs inflammation thus leading to chronic inflammation and chronic disease and pain. Dietary imbalances can lead to excess pro-inflammatory state causing chronic inflammation. Hence, diet could be an important factor in your persistent pain and inflammation.

Food that may be contributing to inflammation and delaying body healing are sugar, wheat, starchy food, dairy and soft drinks. In contrast, anti-inflammatory foods are vegetables, fruits, fish, o-mega 3, and nuts.


Dynamic Chiropractic Care motto is ‘Eat well and keep moving’.

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