What to expect?

Initial Visit

  • Chiropractor will take down a thorough history of your health and conduct a complete examination including postural, physical, neurological, functional and range of motion.
  • Following consultation, our Chiropractor will administer your initial treatment.

Report of Findings (Second Visit)

  • Chiropractor will go through a detailed explanation of your exam findings and explain how we may help you. You will also receive a report of your exam findings and recommendations of care.

 Subsequent Visits

  • After the initial phase of your treatment, your regular visits will be tapered according to your progress and outcome. A typical visit will be 15 minutes to 30 minutes. We will re-assess and measure your progress consistently so that each treatment is tailored accordingly.
  • Rehabilitation will begin from the initial phase of treatment, as much as it’s important to get treatment, it is also important to rehabilitate your body for a longer lasting and effective treatment effect.

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